We can’t spare this man; he fights.

War is barely recognizable these days. Soldiers are killed without a drop of blood. Entire invasions occur without a single shot fired. Colonization is established with governmental assistance by the targeted nation, and we haven’t executed a traitor since 1953.

But make no mistake; this is a war. If we lose this one, our way of life will be lost forever and our children enslaved.

Within the shaky alliance on the right, a civil war also rages. In coarse terms, it’s between Trump Supporters (TS’s) and Never Trumpers (NT’s).

Some TS’s jumped aboard the Trump Train on day one, while some have barely come around to a reluctant support even now. On the other hand, NT’s feared the prospect of President Clinton 45 less than that of President Trump.

Here’s some common ground where we can all agree: Trump is a vulgarian. His penthouse is furnished in gold (so tacky), and his third wife (!) is much too young for him. He said “pussy.” He lacks the flowered tongue of the Ivy Leaguer; he’s Rodney Dangerfield at the country club.

TS’s and NT’s can also agree on something else: The right’s standard-bearers, in all their wart-spangled, uncouth vulgarity, represent a tragedy for America; our last vestige of cultural decorum is gone. We all knew that President Obama was able to play the classy sophisticate because his proxies — the partisan MSM, the obscene pop stars, the campus crazies, and the violent mobs — did all the dirty work. We on the right have always striven to conserve the decent, the good, the innocent, and the beautiful. Now we have a scrapper president with no proxies (the institutions long ago having been marched through), and he doesn’t mind doing all the dirty work himself. “How gauche! How vulgar! He does not represent me!” fuss the NT’s.

Milo YiannopoulosToday, Milo Yiannopolis is fighting for his life. (NOTE: CLFA has no doubt he will come out on top; if you strike him down, he will only become more fabulous than you can ever imagine.) The assassination attempt comes not from the Left but from the Right: Conservatives have ejected from CPAC the most vibrant, interesting cultural warrior the Right has had in years, under a flimsy, tortured, cruel pretext. Meanwhile, the other half of the Right understands that our side has just attempted tactical suicide.

Which brings us back to what the war looks like today: It is bloodless. We can bear all the arms we want, but there will be no way to shoot a regulation, or a curriculum, or a boycott, or a social media lynching, or a helpless 5-year-old child colonist.

We should be grateful that this war is bloodless; our own children have food and healthy parents at home. Most of us will keep our jobs. Daily life is not disrupted. It is the most comfortable war in history. But it is still a war.

Has there ever been a war where good people didn’t resort to doing things that would be considered despicable under any other circumstances? Who bayonets a loudmouthed entertainer in day-to-day life? Who guns down someone who posted a political comment? Who launches missiles on “sanctuary cities”?

Thank God, we don’t have to do those things. But we must not forget that this is still a war and if we don’t fight it as such, it will already be too late before we have the opportunity to do those other things.

At CLFA, we briefly considered removing the “C” from our name at the spectacle of our “Christian Conservative” allies joyfully assassinating one of our brightest, most effective generals. Prior to this, they tried but failed to assassinate our Commander-in-Chief.

Look, we get it – these guys aren’t the Osmonds. We’re sad, too. We’re broken-hearted at the hostile, vulgar society in which our kids are growing up. At the loss of our principles and traditions. At the destruction of our culture on so many levels.  But we need to thank God for these men and others like them who are willing to fight. To bayonet, shoot, and bomb rhetorically. How absurd that we can salute every veteran — people who literally killed other people for our sake — but can’t appreciate our courageous culture soldiers who sacrifice their own reputations and peaceful lives to fight this dirty fight for us.

It’s a dirty fight because it’s a war. It’s time to admit it and to stop despising the weapons needed to win it. This time, the weapons are found in 1A, not 2A.  If you want to fret that Trump and Milo are too coarse and vulgar, you’re no better than an SJW fainting at the sight of a scary-looking firearm.

This is a war. Get over it, get over yourself, and pass the ammo.

3 thoughts on “We can’t spare this man; he fights.

  1. The so-called establishment “conservatives” are nothing of the kind. They are not fiscal conservatives, as have never balanced a federal budget since the time of Eisenhower. They decry spending on the poor while lavishly splurging largess upon the military-industrial complex. They argue we need a strong defense, but care not for quantifiable metrics of military effectiveness as long as it spends a lot of money along the way, and will squander our military readiness fighting worthless wars based on lies in places with zero strategic value to our nation. Their “christian conservatism” is as vulgar as Trump in their own way, as we have seen for decades with tv evangelists like Jim and Tammy Bakker, among others like Oral Roberts, Jerry Fallwell, manipulating people for monetary gain, while they support “social conservative policies” that are really only about fascistically dictating what other free persons are allowed to do in their own bedrooms or put in their own bodies. Milo is indeed one who fights, and they are trying to assassinate him for the same reasons they went after Flynn, and succeeded, and went after DeVos, and failed: they are trying to strip Trump of his strongest fighters. They have no intent of letting the Trump revolution succeed.


  2. It comes down to this. CPAC gets no support from me until the Reagan Brigade and Evan McMullan commit ritual seppuku in penance for their perfidy. Until then, they have nothing to say I want to hear.


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