Apply now to Calliope Workshop for Fiction and Nonfiction Authors

logoTaliesen Nexus is a great organization dedicated to training the next generation of American storytellers and filmmakers, who will ultimately help bend popular culture back towards promoting freedom and liberty. When it comes to saving the culture, TalNex does a lot of the heavy lifting and, equally important, fundraising. This allows them to do nifty things like fly trainees to cool cities for awesome workshops. Good news: They are currently accepting applications for the next Calliope writers’ workshop, which will be in LA the second weekend of September 2017:

Calling the next great American author!  If that’s you, then this summer get ready to have us fly you out to Los Angeles, put you up in a hotel, and spend an entire weekend developing your work at the Calliope Authors Workshop.  You will have the opportunity to get thorough notes on your in-progress work as well as career advice from successful novelists, nonfiction authors, publishers, and literary agents.

There are tracks for novels, graphic novels, nonfiction, and short stories. TalNex also offers scholarships for students who wish to develop their writer chops in an MFA program, as well as great programs for fledgling filmmakers.

CLFA salutes these dedicated culture workers. Join them!

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