July Booknado!

Don’t let oppressive Leftist lit ruin your summer. Throw wide the sash! A righteous gale of free thought is whipping through the popular culture, clearing the trite and refreshing the mental palette with these exciting new releases!

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Treasure of the Rogue Moon (Treasures of Space Book 3) by S. Evan Townsend
The treasure of the rogue moon can make all your dreams come true. … Or will it really be a nightmare?

Valor’s Child (Valor’s Children Book 1) by Kal Spriggs
In a distant future on a faraway planet, Jiden Armstrong struggles to survive at a military academy, not knowing that the people she thought were her friends are out to get her.

First Street Church Romances: Love’s Highway (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Jane Lebak
Casey’s spent the last eight months wandering the country with a backpack and an iron-clad set of Rules of the Road. Peter’s finishing out a few months working for his father’s siding company before enlisting in the army. When they rescue a litter of puppies together, Casey finds herself just…not leaving Sweet Grove. And Peter finds himself intrigued by the most perplexing gal he’s ever met.

Doctor to Dragons by G. Scott Huggins
The Dark Lord’s favorite dragon is constipated. Dr. James DeGrande, veterinarian and orc-slayer, is going to have to deal with it. This one could get messy.
From Superversive Press!

The Recognition Run by Henry Vogel
Jeanine is on the run from someone very powerful. She doesn’t know who wants her dead, or why. She only knows they have already killed her family, and if they catch her, she’s next.

A Pius Man: A Holy Thriller (The Pius Trilogy Book 1) by Declan Finn
As the head of Vatican security, Giovanni Figlia must protect a new, African Pope who courts controversy every other day.

A Rambling Wreck (Book 2 of the Hidden Truth) by Hans G. Schantz
Off to Georgia Tech for the education he’ll need to defeat the guardians of the hidden truth, Peter must infiltrate a deadly conspiracy, thwart an attempted social justice takeover of the school, save his professors from assassination, and somehow find time to study for finals.

Astounding Frontiers #1: Give Us 10 Minutes and We Will Give You A World
Astounding Frontiers is a new pulp magazine from the minds at Superversive Press that will transport you to far off worlds of adventure! This inaugural issue features stories and serials from Dragon Award winners and nominees and many other great authors.

Division One: A Very Unconventional Christmas by Stephanie Osborn
It’s Christmas in NYC, but for Alpha Line it’s anything but a Silent Night: The Agency has a mole, leaking classified information to toy manufacturers and film producers alike and placing the Agents in danger of losing their anonymity.

If My Name Was Amanda by Curtis Edmonds (Children’s Book)
Follow a patriotic little girl on a rhyming alphabet journey through America! With adorable illustrations and simple rhymes, this is a wonderful addition to your preschooler’s library.


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