October Booknado!

Refreshing winds of cultural change are blowing! Throw away establishment fiction from Big Publishing and blow your mind with novel novels from conservative, libertarian, and other assorted right-wing authors. Sucker punch-free and full of free thought, this month’s fiction array is guaranteed to stimulate and entertain. Browse the New Releases and Kindle Deals below, and click on any book image to read more and shop!


Still Waters: A Noblebright Fantasy Anthology by assorted authors (anthology)
In this exciting collection of noblebright fantasy, fresh new fantasy voices and award-winning authors explore grief and hope, sacrifice and heroism. Rediscover the best aspect of classic fantasy—the noblebright ideals that made heroes heroic, even when the world grew dark around them.

Innocents by Francis W. Porretto
Security specialist Larry Sokoloff is on vacation far from home, straining to forget a woman he loves but cannot have, when Fountain, a teenaged escapee from a malevolent institution, comes under his protection. What he learns of her nature and origins catapults him and his colleague Trish McAvoy into a mission of vengeance and cleansing.

Tales of the Once and Future King by assorted authors (anthology)
The King Arthur legend like you’ve never seen it before.

War Demons (The Prodigal Son Book 1) by Russell Newquist
When he came home, so did they … Disillusioned and broken by the horrors he witnessed in Afghanistan, Michael returns home to Georgia seeking to begin a new life. But he didn’t come alone. Something evil followed him, and it’s leaving a path of destruction in its wake.

Crystal King (Riland Throne Book 1) by John M. Olsen
Gavin must step up to lead his people as they flee before an invading army, one that can outpace his motley collection of castle staff, peasants, and children.

Division One: Tour de Force by Stephanie Osborn
Alpha One is participating in Omega’s very first First Contact diplomatic operation. A plum assignment, for the pick of the crop. But Omega doesn’t see it that way, though she can’t—or won’t—explain why. She is determined to stop the mission from going forward. At any cost.

Lyonesse (Volume 1/Spring 2017) by assorted authors (anthology)
Psychics, time travel, gods, and sci-fi battle angels.
Featuring 16 stories from the Lyonesse short fiction subscription service, including tales from Dragon Award nominees Declan Finn, Kai Wai Cheah, and L. Jagi Lamplighter.

Life as We Knew It (Transformation Project Book 1) by Lela Markham
When a national terrorist attack cuts off supply and communications networks, a small town must forge its own disaster plan.

Vigilant Veritas: Book 3 of the Black Saber Novels by John Murphy
Vaughn Killian, highly trained Black Saber operative, with a past as a ruthless rebel fighter, has found his way to the Carthenogens’ home planet—in a prison cell. Just when he thinks his life is over, he finds a way into the halls of power and learns something horrible . . . the truth about what the Carthenogens really have in store for humanity.

A Place Called Hope (Z-Day Book 2) by Daniel Humphreys
The survivors built a community and called it Hope. After eight years, they allowed themselves to think that the zombie scourge was ending. Now, they must go far beyond the overgrown wastes they call The Wild in a desperate attempt to recover vital military equipment that will determine whether the future of mankind is one for the living—or for the dead.

Inn Between Worlds: Volume 1 by assorted authors (anthology)
Sitting outside of time and space is the Inn Between Worlds. Residents might say it’s a place for travelers, or a place to rest, a place to find excitement. Or they might say it’s dangerous and to be avoided at all costs because Reality Does Not Work Right inside its infinite walls.

Behold Darkness (Wolves of the Apocalypse Book 1) by LC Champlin
Business trips to San Francisco aren’t supposed to include terrorist
attacks that unleash cannibal plagues. It’s going to be an interesting night for New York businessman Nathan Serebus and his attorney Albin Conrad, who won’t let an apocalypse go to waste.

The Arkhe Principle: A Post-Apocalyptic Technothriller by Maxwell Rudolf
Captain John Edward Rex, a former member of an elite military unit, has been targeted by Arkhe, an advanced being who can manipulate reality itself. The Arkhe Principle is a far-future, apocalyptic adult technothriller that deals with themes of nationalism, post-humanism, and advances in the artificial intelligence that challenges what it means to be human.

Code of Armor: Vengeance: Part One by John Bear Ross
Jessica Kramer is a mech gladiator pilot fighting long odds and a rigged system to solve the murder of her brother in the arena.


Discount prices in effect for the dates of October 25 and 26, 2017, as reported by author. Always confirm the price before purchasing.

  FREE (reg. 99¢)
The Contractors: A Justice Incorporated Short Story by J.P. Medved
The tiny town of Zawita in southern Kurdistan is little more than a speck on the map for most Westerners. But for Eric Ikenna and the other private security contractors of Justice, Incorporated, it’s where they’re making their last stand against the brutal army of Mohammad Shadid.

 99¢ (reg. $2.99)
The Hidden Truth by Hans G. Schantz
They subverted science, rewrote history, and corrupted society. Now he knows. And he’ll prove it, if they don’t kill him first.

 99¢ (reg. $2.99)
The Product by Marina Fontaine
In a gray, joyless world, the Product helps you come awake. What would you risk to try it?

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