Exposé of “Mists of Avalon” author Marion Zimmer Bradley and Walter “Breendoggle” Breen released

Moira Greyland‘s long-awaited exposé of her famous, twisted parents’ nightmarish world has been released by Castalia House.

Moira’s harrowing tale of child abuse and sexual deviancy sent shockwaves through the world of Science Fiction and Fantasy fandom when she spilled the beans about her mother’s proclivities in a 2015 blog post. She was subsequently contacted by Castalia House editor Vox Day, who convinced her to tell the full story. Now, after years of intensely painful, difficult work for both author and publisher,  The Last Closet: The Dark Side of Avalon is finally available.

We here at CLFA are in awe of the courage and moral clarity Moira Greyland has demonstrated by birthing this remarkable account. We extend our congratulations and heartfelt best wishes to her as she continues on her incredible journey to get this unpleasant truth out in the daylight, and we pray it will uplift abused children and broken adults everywhere.

Click here to read the editor’s statement on this important work.

Click on the book cover image below to read more and shop:

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