Worldcon organizers indulge in ideological discrimination, ban popular SciFi author


2018 World Science Fiction Convention organizers have banned outspoken conservative author Jon Del Arroz from attending the 2018 event, even though Mr. Del Arroz is a member in good standing and has already purchased his ticket. Worldcon organizers describe the 2018 con as “a celebration of our belief that the choices we make together steer not only the fan community, but humanity in general, towards the brighter future we aspire to build.” It is chilling to learn the future they envision does not include people who think differently from them.

Worldcon organizers attempted to justify their exclusionary action by accusing Mr. Del Arroz of “planning to engender a hostile environment” and warned him that, if he dares to set foot on the premises or within any of the official convention hotels, he “will be removed.” However, Del Arroz has been documenting harassment and other hostile behavior from the Worldcon community, as well as his own attempts to make the con organizers aware of what its members are up to. As has become common practice for the Left, Worldcon organizers appear to be using the threats and potential violence against Del Arroz as an excuse to ban and silence him.  Journalist Megan Fox has a more in-depth report over at PJ Media.

Mr. Del Arroz bills himself as “The Leading Hispanic Voice In Science Fiction.” His novel For Steam and Country: Book One of the Adventures of Baron Von Monocle has sold briskly since its release last summer, garnering 84 Amazon reviews with an average 4.6-star rating.

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