January Booknado!

A brisk bluster blows in a bounteous blizzard of books! Check out these great New Releases and discount, each one friendly to the values and sensibilities of readers on the right. No insults or sucker punches here! Click on any book cover image to read more and shop.


Searching (The Starlight Chronicles Book 0) by C.S. Johnson
Long before she took up the title of Starry Knight, a young girl knew she was born to fight demons — starting with her own.

Revenge of the Corsairs (Heart of the Corsairs Book 2) by Elizabeth Ellen Carter
Laura Cappleman, rescued after two years in an Ottoman harem, struggles to return to normal life. Elias Nash is there, willing to help her pick up the pieces, but threat isn’t over and the cost could be their lives.

eConscience Beta by J. D. Beckwith
A breakthrough in nanotechnology could bring repeat offense crime to an end, but can the ends justify the means if it takes a crime to make it a reality? … Two lab techs and a petty criminal must outwit a brilliant but sociopathic scientist who’ll stop at nothing to establish his legacy as the man who ended crime.

Shadow Zone (The Directorate Book 7) by Pam Uphoff
The Helios Cannibal World is back and Ebsa, Ra’d, and Paer are headed for a close encounter.

Children of Enaisi (Sword’s Edge Chronicles Book 2) by L.S. King
A life-destroying secret haunts one man, while another man breaks his life oath to join murderous outlaws, and an entire people are threatened with upheaval by the rediscovery of ancient technology.


*for the dates of January 17 and 18, 2018, as reported to us by the author. Always check the actual price before purchasing.

  99¢ (reg. $1.99)
Daughter of Texas by Celia Hayes
The tale of a woman’s life in Texas, before the cattle drives, and before the Alamo – before the legends were born… She was there, and she saw it all.

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