February Booknado!

This month’s Booknado blasts your brain with a fresh flurry of fiction! Check out these tasty new releases plus a guilt-free 99¢ deal—all written by CLFA-member authors. Load up your Kindle and read with confidence, secure in the knowledge you won’t be sucker-punched or proselytized with SJW claptrap. Click on any book cover image to read more and shop:


Mercenary Calling by Laura Montgomery
Exoplanets. Terrorists. Lawyers. … Calvin Tondini has his first client, but he may be in over his head.

The Yemeni Package (Sean’s File Book 4) by Dale Amidei
Tasked with retrieving a known terrorist, Daniel Sean Ritter must determine whether his government wishes him to succeed.

Nephilim by Jeb Kinnison (Mormon Gothic YA-mature)
Mormon boy Jared and Jewish new arrival Sara find love and danger as they fight off demons from under the mountain.


*for the dates of February 21 and 22, 2018, as reported to us by the author. Always confirm actual price before purchasing.

 99¢ (reg. $3.99)
Domino by Kia Heavey
A barn cat fights for a time-honored way of life against a smooth-talking newcomer and his associates.

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