The 2019 Book of the Year ballot is now open!

CLFA_BOTY_2019_markCLFA may have migrated from Facebook to MeWe over the past year, but that hasn’t stopped our membership from selecting the top 10 11* conservative novels that were released in 2018. One of these deserving works of fiction will ultimately be crowned the CLFA Book of the Year 2019—and we need you to vote!

To qualify for entry in the CLFA Book of the Year 2019 contest, books had to be over 50k words and first published in any form in 2018. You can browse the 2019 finalists below.  Haven’t read enough of them to pick your favorite yet? You have until midnight on May 15th (updated from April 30th), 2019, to cast your vote.

Ready to cast your vote for CLFA Book of the Year 2019?  Go here to support your favorite!

Night’s Black Agents (Paxton Locke Book 2) by Daniel Humphreys

Appalling Stories 2: More Appalling Tales of Social Injustice by David Dubrow, Paul Hair, et al.

Amy Lynn, Hatchet by Jack July

Making Peace by Adam Lane Smith

Eating and Disorder by Wyatt Myshkin

The Fight for Rislandia: Book Three of the Adventures of Baron Von Monocle by Jon Del Arroz

The Thread of Reason by Michael Isenberg

The Broken Return: The Lonesome George Chronicles Book 3 by Roy M. Griffis

Redcaps Rising: A Walter Bailey Misadventure by P.A. Piatt

Hell Spawn (Saint Tommy, NYPD Book 1) by Declan Finn

The Narrative by Deplora Boule

*Our tie-breaker resulted in a tie, so we have 11 finalists this year.

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