The CLFA looks forward to a time when American mainstream culture is rich with entertainment options that honor both the human spirit and Americanism. We are doing our part to make that happen by helping to build an alternative entertainment infrastructure.

Positive conservatives/libertarians need a network where they can both produce and consume pro-liberty, pro-individual, pro-American fiction. We need stories of truth and love and beauty. We reject nihilism, anti-Americanism, “social justice” totalitarianism, hate, division, and pessimism. Join us as we create a new Narrative for a freer, stronger future.

Are you…

A reader searching for conservative-libertarian fiction?
An author looking for beta readers, editors, designers, publishers and/or readers?
An editor looking for enjoyable work that doesn’t insult you?
A designer who creates book covers?
An illustrator?
A podcast or vidcast personality looking for ideas and interviewees?
A publisher who wants to ride the new alternative trend?

Join our network! Please visit our closed MeWe group and ask to join. (You will need to have a MeWe profile already set up to join.) If you don’t hear from us for a few days and are still interested in joining, please email us at: fictionalliance – at – gmail – dot – com.