The “Big Fork” and what it means to you

CLFA welcomes SecretSquirrel, with a guest report on new internet havens for user control and free speech. You may have heard rumblings recently of a new Wikipedia-type site. They’re not empty rumors; it’s real, and its name is InfoGalactic, the Planetary Knowledge Core. InfoGalactic is, at present, a “fork” of the existing Wikipedia that runs … More The “Big Fork” and what it means to you

Appropriating Kimono?

Welcome to CLFA member Erin Lale with her timely guest post on the SJW nonsense known as “cultural appropriation.” Cultural appropriation is back in the news again because it’s a perennial topic near Halloween. Facebook users have resurrected a story from 2015 about an art museum in Boston and have been circulating it as news. The Museum … More Appropriating Kimono?

It’s the October CLFA Booknado!

Right about now, who couldn’t use the age-old reliable escapism that can only be found in a good book? Just in time to address Silly Season malaise, the CLFA is proud to present our October Booknado. Shop through the listings below to discover conservative, libertarian, and alt right-friendly New Releases and books priced at $1.99 or less (even some Freebies). Click on any book … More It’s the October CLFA Booknado!