Liberty Island releases The Secret of Fatima by Peter J. Tanous

New media publisher Liberty Island released The Secret of Fatima, a novel by Peter J. Tanous, on March 29, 2016: Father Kevin Thrall is chaplain to a poor, inner-city parochial school in Washington, D.C. where he leads a quiet and rewarding life. But he is also troubled by his past in combat with an elite … More Liberty Island releases The Secret of Fatima by Peter J. Tanous

New book release: Freedom/Hate by Kyle Andrews

Kyle Andrews’ new indie dystopian thriller, Freedom/Hate (Freedom/Hate Series, Book 1) is now available: Everything they say on the news is a lie. To question that lie is a crime.  Collin Powers knows the truth. As a low ranking member of an underground movement, his job is to transport some of the most illicit materials in … More New book release: Freedom/Hate by Kyle Andrews

“Friends of Abe” dissolves formal infrastructure

The Guardian is reporting that sister culture group, Friends of Abe, is dissolving its formal 501(c)(3) organization: “Effective immediately, we are going to begin to wind down the 501 c3 organization, bring the Sustaining Membership dues to an end, and do away with the costly infrastructure and the website,” the executive director, Jeremy Boreing, … More “Friends of Abe” dissolves formal infrastructure

Jason Anspach releases sequel to ’til Death

Jason Anspach has just released the second book in his retro Cold War noire series with a paranormal twist. Here’s a quick overview of the series thus far: ’til Death (BOOK 1; July 28, 2015) Sam Rockwell is a fledgling private investigator specializing in Returns, or, recently deceased ghosts with unfinished business. After his no-nonsense father is murdered … More Jason Anspach releases sequel to ’til Death

New book release: God, Robot

Castalia House released God, Robot by Anthony Marchetta (Author, Editor), John C. Wright (Author), Vox Day (Author), MJ Marzo(Author), Steve Rzasa  (Author), Joshua Young (Author), L. Jagi Lamplighter (Author), EJ Shumak  (Author) on April 15, 2016:  It is the year 6080 AD. Detective Theseus Hollywell has at last discovered the hiding place of William Locke, a notorious fugitive from justice who has been hunted for decades after committing unspeakable crimes.  But Locke … More New book release: God, Robot

New book release: Perigee by Patrick Chiles

Perigee was originally published in 2011 by the author; re-released today from Baen Books: Reviewers have called it “a real barn-burner” and “the best darned ‘sci-fi’ novel I’ve read in years.”  Stranded in orbit, with no way home before the air runs out… A veteran pilot flying a revolutionary spaceplane, A media mogul on an urgent … More New book release: Perigee by Patrick Chiles