BOOKNADO, Special LibertyCon Edition!

CLFA is presenting our June Booknado a little later than usual, so we can clue you in to  CLFA authors who are running specials on their books to coincide with the con. Don’t panic—we still have exciting NEW RELEASES to tell you about! Then keep reading for an extended list of FREE and DISCOUNTED liberty-friendly … More BOOKNADO, Special LibertyCon Edition!

CLFA Stands Against Big Tech De-Platforming and Censorship

Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance (CLFA for short) was created to promote a freedom-friendly cultural environment. A cornerstone of our philosophy has always been strong support for free speech in all its forms. Whatever our differences as American patriots, we can all agree that a healthy, dynamic society cannot exist without allowing for dissenting voices to be … More CLFA Stands Against Big Tech De-Platforming and Censorship

Celebration of Masculinity-Themed Anthology Released

Contributor Marina Fontaine tells the story and announces the release of what sounds like a badly needed collection of short works: … If the concept of celebrating masculinity appeals to you, or if you are simply looking for something exciting and fresh to read, give this new offering from Superversive Press a try. … Stories about men as … More Celebration of Masculinity-Themed Anthology Released