Review: BAD DEEDS: A Dylan Hunter Justice Thriller (Dylan Hunter Thrillers Book 2) by Robert Bidinotto

Bad Deeds was the first-ever CLFA Book of the Year winner (in 2014). I hadn’t heard of the Dylan Hunter series before the awards, but I’m glad to have made its acquaintance. Conservatives and Libertarians can rejoice in this rugged hero with a strong sense of right and wrong who doesn’t let anyone tell him what he can and can’t do.

I enjoyed this book even more than book one in the series. Dylan Hunter and Annie Woods continue to be heroic, likable characters. The modern-day villains of Bad Deeds represent all parts of a network of cronyism and corruption, from the money people to the lawmakers to the legal activists to the mad scientist and his followers who are responsible for “direct action.” This particular network rides the current global-warming environmentalist trend, seeking to shut down responsible, productive fracking companies while investing in “alternative energy sources” such as windmills and solar panels. The profiteering off anti-fossil fuel laws doesn’t wash too well with the direct action arm of the conspiracy however. A true believer, Dr. Boggs puts the “mental” into “environmentalism.” Will Dylan and Annie be able to leverage the fractures in the network to finally shut down this malicious, malignant conspiracy?

Dylan Hunter is a thoroughly enjoyable hero. Wealthy, cunning, and lethally trained, he methodically begins to take the network apart using several different means, varied and highly gratifying to read about. Meanwhile, his romance with Annie takes a hit as she struggles to accept the reality of what kind of man he is – and learn more about her own strength and power in the process.

I highly recommend Bidinotto’s thrilling second installment in his Hunter series. Truly good, likable, decent people battling with evil, corrupt, greedy, power-hungry, and criminally insane bad guys – what’s not to love?

– Reviewed by Kia

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