“Friends of Abe” dissolves formal infrastructure


The Guardian is reporting that sister culture group, Friends of Abe, is dissolving its formal 501(c)(3) organization:

“Effective immediately, we are going to begin to wind down the 501 c3 organization, bring the Sustaining Membership dues to an end, and do away with the costly infrastructure and the abespal.com website,” the executive director, Jeremy Boreing, told members in an email, a copy of which the Guardian has seen. 

“Today, because we have been successful in creating a community that extends far beyond our events, people just don’t feel as much of a need to show up for every speaker or bar night, and fewer people pay the dues that help us maintain that large infrastructure.”

Like the CLFA, Friends of Abe grew out of a need for fellowship among like-minded creatives and entertainers who might be shut out of career options if they spoke freely about their personal convictions. It has been increasingly difficult to be an outspoken conservative-libertarian and still be successful in a creative industry, whether it’s film, literature, music, fashion, or design.

It’s a sad commentary on our times that so many of us must hide our true selves in public or suffer loss of income and opportunity.

The CLFA remains mostly a closed Facebook group, a Twitter account, and this website. Plans are in place and work has been submitted for our first group anthology to be published sometime within the next year. We do not have costly infrastructure to maintain, and there are no fees to join. Purchasing books through links on this site contributes a small amount of income, since we are an Amazon Affiliate. If we actually earn money at some point, we will reinvest it in growing this very important community.

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