It’s Your Fault Too, Venezuela’s Collapse

An incisive follow-up to Joel Hirst’s haunting essay on Venezuela’s collapse. We would just remove the word “Too” from the title.

Can we still find tar and feathers?


Joel D. Hirst's Blog

It has become harder to go on Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo these days – my feeds are full of the most ghastly news about Venezuela. Good men forced to steal; not violent men but hungry and with families – burned alive for their troubles. Feral gangs hunting cats and dogs for meat. Food riots, prison riots – the wholesale destruction of the human soul. The apocalypse.

Above it all sit the new oligarchs, sweaty and fetid – desperate as they scurry around in a futile attempt to find the way to exist beyond the madness. Blame, anger, scheming – anything to not admit that they failed; that they should better run. That soon – sooner than they know – it will all catch up with them.

I know I write too much about Venezuela. How could I not? When you are the unwilling participant of something so bizarre – so…

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