Freedom-Loving Writers Workshop wraps up in NYC

logoGreat news! CLFA is not the only organization to take heed of Breitbart’s “Politics is downstream from culture” admonition. If you haven’t heard of Taliesen Nexus, you need to check them out and subscribe to their newsletter.

TalNexus is a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating collaboration between the various people needed to create pro-freedom movies, at the professional level and within the existing Hollywood infrastructure. Taliesen (a storyteller of historical importance) Nexus (the point of contact and interaction) perfectly sums up this group’s mission.

Not long ago, TalNexus recognized the need to develop more talented freedom-loving authors, in order to generate the stories that may eventually become great freedom-promoting films. So they created the Calliope Workshop for Fiction and Nonfiction Authors. The first one was held last year in Los Angeles. For this year’s conference, TalNexus joined forces with freedom-loving NY-based publisher Liberty Island Media. Then they put out the call:

Calling the next great American author!  If that’s you, then this September 9-11 get ready to have us fly you out to New York City, put you up in a hotel, and spend an entire weekend developing your work at the Calliope Authors Workshop.  You will have the opportunity to get thorough notes on your in-progress work as well as career advice from successful novelists, nonfiction authors, publishers, and literary agents.

The CLFA was invited to attend the kick-off cocktail reception on Friday night in Manhattan. There was a thought-provoking presentation entitled Exploring Themes of Liberty in Entertainment and Culture by Liberty Island CEO Adam Bellow and veteran bestselling author Mark Helprin. Also in attendance were many writers (of course!), the workshop organizers from TalNexus, assorted intellectuals and luminaries, agents, publishers, investors … and a good show of CLFA members. We had a blast meeting Sarah Hoyt, Karina Fabian, Robert Bidinotto, Keith Korman, and Curtis Edmonds in person, as well as other writers we’ve only known online so far.

David Bernstein, Liberty Island COO, explains, “Aside from the workshop itself, the real value of Calliope is to bring like-minded creative people together, to give them the sense that they aren’t working alone and in isolation. They are part of a growing and vibrant counterculture that is providing a real antidote to boring left-wing pablum.”

CLFA agrees! Having met the people involved and seen first-hand the vision, energy, and passion they bring to the culture wars, we are filled with confidence and happy anticipation of the great storytelling to come. Even as we write this, a sturdy foundation is being laid upon which we can all build a towering new movement that will influence the national Narrative for generations. Bravo to Taliesen Nexus! The future looks better all the time.

UPDATE: Sarah Hoyt, who attended the conference as a mentoring author, shares her impressions here.

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