Agorist Writers’ Workshop releases 2nd annual anthology

ccAuthor and CLFA friend and member Jon Garett writes to tell us of the newly released anthology, Echoes of Liberty (The Clarion Call Book 2):

History rings with the notes of liberty- if we know how to listen. Echoes of Liberty presents 16 stories of liberty from our past, or the past that might have been in an anthology of speculative, historical fiction. From a new hope for peace on the American frontier to a last hope for freedom in ancient Athens; from life on the bounding main to a day in a WWII bunker; from the starlet Marilyn Monroe to the privateer RedFeather, this year’s authors show that the seeds of liberty will sprout in all conditions. That the yearning for freedom is eternal and universal is made clear by these stories of individuals striving for that dream in the face discrete adversity or of a culture grown static. These are the Echoes of Liberty.

The Clarion Call anthology is an annual collaborative book series, produced by the Agorist Writers’ Workshop, filled with liberty, libertarian, agorist, voluntaryist, and anarchist stories. Novice as well as professional writers are invited to submit. Each year has a specific theme or genre decided on by members and supporters of the Agorist Writers’ Workshop. Story entries are judged by a panel for originality, technical acumen, and exposition of that Volume’s liberty theme. The AWW also works to support other liberty friendly authors through education, work review and mutual promotion.

Stay tuned, and follow us on our social media platforms. The theme for Volume 3 will be announced in early October (UPDATE: November), 2016. Active members and subscribers to the AWW email newsletter will be invited to vote for the final theme.

Sounds good to us! Visit and follow the Agorist Writers’ Workshop, and click on the cover image below to read more about and buy Echoes of Liberty:

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