Official CLFA Statement concerning Election Day 2016

CLFA endorses the following course of action: If you live in a state where your vote won’t possibly matter, vote your conscience; if you live in a state where your vote might conceivably make a difference, please vote for a Constitutionalist SCOTUS and against the final corruption of our government institutions by voting for the Republican candidate.

While Trump might not be the everyone’s choice for POTUS, in our opinion, a Trump presidency would certainly revive the separation of powers, slow the leftward march of our country, and is the most likely route to preservation of an uncorrupted Judicial branch.

OBVIOUSLY, CLFA friends are free to disregard this advice and do as they please. The only people who don’t belong here are those who will vote for Clinton. Almost all other POVs fit into our small government, pro-individual liberty philosophy.

Thank you!

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