“Forbidden Thoughts” star-studded anthology is published


You are not supposed to read this book. 
You are not supposed to think about reading this book. 
In fact, just plain thinking at all is unacceptable. 
You have been warned….

So many great books are coming out lately, we can barely keep up! Jason Rennie, editor at Superversive Press, has just announced the publication of Forbidden Thoughts, an anthology of short fiction stories and non-fiction articles. The book features an introduction by the great Milo Yiannopoulos and stories and articles by an impressive roster of heavy hitters in the right-minded sci fi world. Featured authors include John C. Wright, L. Jagi Lamplighter, Nick Cole, Larry Corriea, Brad Torgersen, Brian Niemier, Sarah Hoyt, and Vox Day (some of whom are even members of the humble CLFA network).

Nick Cole gives a hint of what to expect:

A bunch of us malcontents got together and wrote some stories that are fairly reactionary to the PC agenda driven oatmeal currently drowning the SciFi market like a psychotic butler holding a wicked child under the water in the scum laden fountain of the creepy haunted mansion of the deranged old aunt with some weird ideas about “right” and “wrong.”

We had A LOT of fun.

Yes.  I took a few shots at some luminaries. Writers have been doing that forever.  It’s okay.  They can take it.  They’re in the “in crowd.”

Sounds mighty tasty! As always, click on the image below to read more and buy.

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