It’s a Booknado!


The March 2017 CLFA Booknado blasts into town on the wings of an epic nation-wide tempest! Howling winds of freedom sweep away the dull, the didactic, and the formulaic offerings from Big Publishing. Read freely! Click on any book cover image below to learn about new releases and special low-price and free promotions*:


Lost Children (The Minivandians Book 3) by Tom Rogneby
Ruarin and DaddyBear continue their journey home after surviving the dark of winter in the North. Old friends are there to help them, but tragedy and mystery await them in an ancient city.

Recon: A War to the Knife by Rick Partlow
Tyler Callas is the pampered heir of a high-level Corporate Council executive, groomed from birth to take a seat beside her as a member of the ruling class of the Commonwealth society. But the bloody war with the alien Tahni has hit close to home and Tyler wants to join the military, something his powerful mother would never have allowed…

Fade (Paxton Locke Booke 1) by Daniel Humphreys
If Paxton Locke’s magic can’t stop an evil witch, he always has his trusty shotgun.

Path of Angels by Dawn Witzke
Seventeen-year-old Aadi seeks something deeper than the life Nacerma offers. When her former lover, turned priest, asks her to risk her life for her faith, she accepts the meaningful quest. Mischa Llient is wanted by the Guard and needs to get out of town for a while. Will their friendship survive the quest? Will they?

Outcast Ops: Watchlist (Outcast Ops Series Book 5) by Rick Chesler and Craig Reed, Jr.
Tanner Wilson and the rest of the Outcast team must dodge Terrorists, Russians and European law enforcement agencies to get data back to the US and stop a terror attack that could kill millions.

Winter Into Spring: A Romance Novella by Nitay Arbel
Suburban Chicago librarian Ronnie has always dreamed of writing, but her partner is dismissive — his needs and those of others always come first. Until she meets a new patron who encourages her to break free…

Only Time: A Speculative Story by T.E. George
Part Twilight Zone, part Firefly, and all fun with a touch of melancholy bittersweet, Only Time is what’s left when love has one more story to tell.

Days of Future Past – Part 2: Present Tense by John Van Stry
Coyote has given Paul another Task; now he just has to cross 400 miles of post-apocalyptic California to complete it. What could possibly get in the way?

$1.99 OR LESS*

Wreathed by Curtis Edmonds
Meeting a new boyfriend at a funeral may not be ideal, but Wendy Jarrett can’t help but fall for sexy Adam Lewis. A tricky inheritance situation soon takes them from the graveyard to an old Victorian estate in Cape May in this witty romantic comedy.

Set to Kill: A Sean AP Ryan Novel (Convention Killings Book 2) by Declan Finn
Science fiction’s greatest political battle is coming to the largest convention in the world. And it’s about to have its first causalities.

*To the best of our knowledge, books listed will be at special promotional prices on the days of March 13 and 14, 2017.

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