Milo stages Free Speech rally at Simon & Schuster HQ, announces lawsuit

Cheered by around 150 supporters, Milo Yiannopolis led a march to Simon & Schuster’s Manhattan headquarters on Friday, July 7. There, he announced he had filed a $10 million lawsuit against the publishing giant that morning. He also posted the text of the lawsuit on his FB page so that anyone can read it.

Milo explained that Simon & Schuster had done an abrupt turn from praising his manuscript and telling him they were thrilled to be publishing it to declaring it “unfit for publication” and terminating the contract. Milo contends he was in fact penalized for political reasons.

Additionally, Milo confirmed that he has spent $3 million to create his own publishing company, Dangerous Books. The first book the fledgling company published is Dangerous by Milo himself, which quickly sold copies well into the six figures on release day (July 7).

But since nothing is as fun as watching Milo himself, why not pour yourself a drink and take in the whole video of his Simon & Schuster rally? Cheers!

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