PhoenixCrate launches subscription box service for fans of positive, clean fantasy

Untitled-design-73Fantasy fic fans of all ages who like their stories on the positive side have a new reason to rejoice. Indeed, parents of tweens and teens haven’t had this much to celebrate since Taylor Swift released her wholesome, uber-romantic video for her monster hit, “Love Story.”

Starting in September, PhoenixCrate subscribers will receive quarterly, charmingly packaged boxes of pure treasure for book lovers. According to the PhoenixCrate website, each shipment will include a carefully selected noblebright fantasy book signed by the author and other unique, bookish fantasy treats.

Untitled-design-71To discover what noblebright fantasy is and learn more about PhoenixCrate, or if you are searching for a unique, delightful gift for a book lover in your life, seriously: visit the PhoenixCrate website.

You’re welcome!




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