Awesome Shout-Out from Virtual Pulp


Author Henry Brown (aka “Machine Trooper,” aka “The Two-Fisted Blogger”) has been fighting the good fight for years. His website, Virtual Pulp, is a must-visit for fans of manly manosphere men’s adventure and associated cultural phenomena.

The CLFA is flushed with pride and pleasure to be the subject of a VP blog post today, The Culture War Heats Up. In this post, Brown makes a crucial point:

Anti-war protestors in the 1960s had a saying that went something like this: “What if there was a war, but nobody showed up?” Well, I’ll tell you what happens when one side doesn’t show up: that side loses.

For generations centrists and everyone right-of-center simply have not shown up for the culture wars. Predictably, the leftists have blitzed right through battlefields of opinion and ideas unopposed–like the Red Army rolling through eastern Poland in 1939–so that their monopoly on the flow of information, including creative expression, was ironclad.

The good news is that our side has resoundingly joined the fight, and reinforcements and allies are pouring in daily. Add Virtual Pulp to your daily reads, join the growing culture revolution, and let slip the dogs of war! (And while you’re at it, check our “Books” page to find some of Henry Brown’s novels and short fiction. Support the good guys!)


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