Meet the Literary Outlaws


Literary Outlaws, a website and podcast, is a project of authors Jason Anspach and Kevin G. Summers. Because they weren’t busy enough with their families, farm animals, and old-school D&D lifestyles, Jason and Kevin started the Outlaws as a way to spotlight authors who were thriving outside the “mainstream” lit culture. Guests so far have included Nick Cole, Kia Heavey, Michael Bunker, Victoria Chase, and Eamon Ambrose, among others.

Kevin G. Summers, when not busy slaughtering chickens, is the author of the critically-acclaimed short story Isolation Ward 4, as well as several other stories set in the Star Trek universe. His short story The Bell Curse was the very first tale published in The World of Kurt Vonnegut under the Kindle Worlds imprint. His recent works include Legendarium (co-written by Michael Bunker) and The Man Who Shot John Wilkes Booth.

Jason Anspach is a freelance writer and marketer. His novel, ’til Death, is available now. You can listen to him as the barbarian Barabosa on the hilarious podcast, Sci-Fi Writers Playing Old School D&D. Jason lives in Washington state with one wife, six kids, and zero pets.

CLFA is a big fan of the Literary Outlaws podcast. It is highly recommended listening – check it out next time you’re painting a room or commuting to work. Support outlaw authors!

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