New Books!

The CLFA is pleased to update our readers periodically when new fiction is published that provides sucker punch-free entertainment for right-leaning Americans. This spring and summer have produced a bumper crop of beach-ready books for readers of all stripes.

We at CLFA have not read all of these books and always recommend viewing the free sample before buying. Also, we are an Amazon Affiliate, meaning that if you purchase a book from one of these, links we are paid a small fee. We re-invest any earnings into building the CLFA brand.

Click on the book image to read more and shop!

  Banshees by Mike Baron (supernatural rock-n-roll metal thriller)

  Love in the Time of Cinema by Francis Porretto (contemporary romance)

  Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal by Daria Anne DiGiovanni (contemporary romance/coming of age) PRE-ORDER

  Fear God and Dread Naught (Ark Royal Book 8) by Christopher Nuttall (military scifi / space marines)

  The Gods Defense (Laws of Magic Book 1) by Amie Gibbons (supernatural fantasy mystery thriller)

  Time Rider Red Attack by Jack King (YA time travel adventure)

  The Good Fight by Justin Robinson (YA action & adventure / horror)

  On Different Strings: A Musical Romance by Nitay Arbel (NA contemporary romance)

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