Worldcon organizers indulge in ideological discrimination, ban popular SciFi author

2018 World Science Fiction Convention organizers have banned outspoken conservative author Jon Del Arroz from attending the 2018 event, even though Mr. Del Arroz is a member in good standing and has already purchased his ticket. Worldcon organizers describe the 2018 con as “a celebration of our belief that the choices we make together steer … More Worldcon organizers indulge in ideological discrimination, ban popular SciFi author


Time for the September 2017 edition of the CLFA Booknado! Check out this month’s list of refreshing new reads and discounted books!  As always, click on the book cover image to read more and shop. NEW RELEASES Prodigal by L. R. Stahlberg Marc Rinaldi thought he’d gotten out. He’d escaped a life of murder and … More Booknado!

July Booknado!

Don’t let oppressive Leftist lit ruin your summer. Throw wide the sash! A righteous gale of free thought is whipping through the popular culture, clearing the trite and refreshing the mental palette with these exciting new releases! Click on any book cover image to read more and shop: NEW RELEASES Treasure of the Rogue Moon … More July Booknado!

Author Stephanie Osborn announces new SciFi series

CLFA member and accomplished, prolific author Stephanie Osborn has announced her upcoming series, Division One. Here’s the important bit from the press release: Chromosphere Press Announces the Latest from Stephanie Osborn! 2 January 2017 — Huntsville, AL Stephanie Osborn, aka the Interstellar Woman of Mystery, former rocket scientist and author of acclaimed science fiction mysteries, goes back … More Author Stephanie Osborn announces new SciFi series

It’s the CLFA September Booknado!

Raging across a darkened land, the CLFA Booknado rips out stale, lefty establishment fiction by the roots and blasts in the new, the positive, and the bargain-priced! Batten down the hatches; the long-suppressed winds of culture change are blowing free in a whirlwind of fresh air! Click on the book image to read more & shop: NEW RELEASES   The … More It’s the CLFA September Booknado!

New Books!

The CLFA is pleased to update our readers periodically when new fiction is published that provides sucker punch-free entertainment for right-leaning Americans. This spring and summer have produced a bumper crop of beach-ready books for readers of all stripes. Reminders: We at CLFA have not read all of these books and always recommend viewing the free sample before … More New Books!

New book release: The Counterfeit Captain by Henry Vogel

Publisher Rampant Loon Media has just released Henry Vogel’s newest book, The Counterfeit Captain (April 30, 2016): Captain Nancy Martin expects a lonely death.  Passing out as her battle-damaged starfighter bleeds the last of its air, she comes to in the cavernous and deserted docking bay of an unknown starship. Leaving her crippled fighter to seek help, … More New book release: The Counterfeit Captain by Henry Vogel

New book release: God, Robot

Castalia House released God, Robot by Anthony Marchetta (Author, Editor), John C. Wright (Author), Vox Day (Author), MJ Marzo(Author), Steve Rzasa  (Author), Joshua Young (Author), L. Jagi Lamplighter (Author), EJ Shumak  (Author) on April 15, 2016:  It is the year 6080 AD. Detective Theseus Hollywell has at last discovered the hiding place of William Locke, a notorious fugitive from justice who has been hunted for decades after committing unspeakable crimes.  But Locke … More New book release: God, Robot

New book release: Perigee by Patrick Chiles

Perigee was originally published in 2011 by the author; re-released today from Baen Books: Reviewers have called it “a real barn-burner” and “the best darned ‘sci-fi’ novel I’ve read in years.”  Stranded in orbit, with no way home before the air runs out… A veteran pilot flying a revolutionary spaceplane, A media mogul on an urgent … More New book release: Perigee by Patrick Chiles