Why the Dragon Awards matter


Over at her blog, Marina’s Musings, CLFA Co-Founder and author Marina Fontaine teases out the cultural ramifications of the new Dragon Awards for those of us who love fiction. She names several important takeaways, but this one in particular is close to our hearts:

Why are the above examples important? Because they show to those of us occasionally hesitant to stay true to our beliefs that it can be done. You can succeed and be appreciated without the express approval or help of those who put their ideology above art and want to bend everyone to their will. Especially in a genre that is meant to thrive on imagination, freedom of thought is not a luxury. It’s a requirement.

Do head on over to her place and read the whole thing!

And while you’re at it, pick up Marina’s Dragon Award-nominated dystopian adventure, Chasing Freedom! Grab the Kindle book here – currently on sale for just 99¢!



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