The Story of September 11


The CLFA is dedicated to the creation and promotion of stories. Stories are the vessel of what humanity knows – and we mean really knows – in its subconscious, its conscience, and its very soul.

While the CLFA specializes in the written word, we are ardent believers in the power of film to tell important stories and to inform the soul of our species. Yet few writers or auteurs have been able to come close to the tale of September 11, 2001. Fact blew away fiction as the truth of the Islamist menace was made shockingly, glaringly, undeniably clear to the entire world.

From the storytelling angle, the most excellent thing happened; two French filmmaker brothers, Gédéon and Jules Naudet, happened to have been embedded in a New York City fire station that responded to the Twin Towers. Their raw footage of that day became the documentary 9/11. Nothing has come close to this powerful, clarifying film in terms of displaying the pure evil and good that closed in battle in lower Manhattan on a sparkling September day in 2001. Short of having been present at the scene, there is no better conveyance of the truth of September 11 than the Naudet brothers’ masterpiece.

CLFA spent quite some time on the internet this morning, trying to find the film. It’s not on youtube or Vimeo. It cannot be purchased or rented on Netflix or even Amazon.



Now, on the 15th Anniversary of September 11, we hear that CNN will air an exclusive “updated edition” of the film tonight.

We can be pardoned for being concerned that the famously biased network seems to have acquired airtight rights to this incredibly important story, and is poised to screen their revised telling this evening. The September 11 narrative has been a thorn in the side of the Progressive left since the day it happened. We would hope that the sacredness of the event and the thousands of lives lost to manifest evil would deter partisan revisionism from defiling this great film.

But we have also long since realized that the Progressive left has yet to find the bottom of the unethical depths to which it’s willing to sink to further its goals.

We’ll be watching.

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