Gifts for the Next Generations

Right-leaning book recommendations from CLFAer Diana Erbio.

Diana Erbio


America’s best chance to retain its freedoms and individualist spirit is if the message of their importance is passed on to the next generation via the culture. These days our education system, media and political conversation are dedicated to themes that are largely concerned with what will best benefit the collective. Little time is spent on touting the value of a system that allows each individual to utilize their unique strengths, and showing how that system actually has proven to be the most beneficial way to contribute to the whole society.

Decades ago, when I was a child, there was a much bigger emphasis on personal responsibility. We learned that in America there was great possibility, but you, as an individual, had to put in the effort. We also were taught that equal opportunity was not a guarantee of success; we were taught to try and try again.

Movies, songs…

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