Robert Bidinotto announces partnership with Braveship Entertainment

rbCLFA member and author Robert Bidinotto has just announced that his Hunter action thriller series has been picked up by Braveship Entertainment. Bidinotto explains that Braveship “…specializes in bringing stories to multimedia platforms simultaneously, as books, films, television series, videogames, even virtual reality. Staffed with talented veterans and experts in all these areas — and focusing on the thriller, adventure, and sci-fi/fantasy genres — Braveship is raising capital for the development of films and video games.” He also says that “An immediate result is that Hunter will be reissued in a new edition bearing the logo and imprint of their publishing division, Braveship Books.”

The Hunter series follows the adventures of rogue operative Dylan Hunter as he dishes out badly needed and deeply satisfying ass-kickings, topples entire empires of corruption at all levels, and all the while pursues a relationship with the fetching Annie Wood (herself no slouch). The first book in the series, Hunter: A Dylan Hunter Justice Thriller, was released in 2011. The follow up, Bad Deeds, won the first-ever CLFA Book of the Year award for 2014. Needless to say, we here at CLFA are acutely chuffed for our colleague and wish him the best as he heaps success upon success.

Please visit Robert’s blog to read all about it!


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