Numerous CLFA authors join forces with Superversive, Milo, and others for Trump-utopia anthology

Superversive Press, an independent publisher that specializes in positive, hero-driven speculative fiction, has just made an exciting announcement: MAGA 2020 & Beyond is now available for preorder!

MAGA is an anthology that features a forward by Milo Yiannopoulos and essays and short fiction by numerous popular authors, such as John C. Wright, Brad Torgerson, L. Jagi Lamplighter, Jon DelArroz, and many more. Superversive Press says:

MAGA 2020 & Beyond is the best alternative to all of the over-the-top anti-Trump press and social media out there. More than a dozen writers came together to envision a brighter future for America inspired by the election of Donald J. Trump.

With a foreword by Milo Yiannopoulos, author of Dangerous, a short story by best-selling author Brad Torgersen, and thought-provoking essays by John C. Wright and founder Andrew Torba, this anthology is poised for success. …

Jason Rennie, president of Superversive Press says, “This is going to be yuge, mate!”

Visit their site to read the whole thing and thrill to the list of authors involved in the project. Or cut to the chase and hie thee to Amazon to read more and place your pre-order. Celebrate the one-year anniversary of Trump’s shocking election victory with this extraordinary anthology waiting for you on your Kindle!

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