April Booknado!

So much new book! … For fiction as fresh as a spring breeze, check out this veritable April shower of newly published reads. CLFA member authors have simply outdone themselves this month, and you’re the lucky reader who reaps the benefits! Please support true intellectual diversity in literature by treating yourself to one, two, or all of the nifty new titles below.

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Sidequest: In Realms Ungoogled by Frank J. Fleming
Terrance was given a sword by faeries (was that weird?) and then started noticing things—his boss is a demon, his girlfriend is a warrior for an evil entity, there’s an ominous fortress on a volcano at the edge of town—and he’s the only one who thinks any of this is odd.

Snowflake’s Chance by Curtis Edmonds
Justin Trudeau-Fairchild seeks to make America safe for kombucha-drinking vegetarian socialists. Snowflake’s Chance depicts the inner workings of progressive politics and the silliest excesses of the politically-correct left.

The Red Jade Door (The Beatnick Spy Book 1) by Patrick Baird
Mexico City, 1954. Gunner Quinn is drinking his life away, playing jazz in a sleazy nightclub, smuggling antiquities on the side, women just a parade of half-remembered names and faces. Then he makes one mistake too many and finds himself blackmailed by the CIA into plunging into an untamed jungle in search of a forgotten, haunted Mayan temple and the deadly secrets that lurk within.

The Thread of Reason by Michael Isenberg
For thirty years, Nizam al-Mulk ruled the Seljuq Empire, wielding more power than the sultans he served—until the fall night in 1092 when an assassin’s blade struck him down on the road to Baghdad. A historical murder mystery novel set against the background of a Muslim world in conflict between science and shari’ah.

The Nothing’s Child by Jon M. Jefferson
You never know what you will walk away with, when a cyber raid goes wrong.

Iconoclast: God-Killers in Our Midst by James Lovegrove & N.X. Sharps
Former soldier Ethan Nash works for Luminous, the rebel faction opposed to a pantheon of super-powered beings from another planet who rule Earth with an iron fist. Ethan heads up a small band of Luminous operatives undertaking a do-or-die mission in Florida that may end the Savior Gods’ reign –– but may also be the end of Ethan and his comrades.

Ghosts of Baikonur by L. A. Behm II
Thirty years after the Plague wiped out eighty percent of mankind, humanity is starting to put the pieces back together again. Two groups come together to mount an expedition to the Baikonur Cosmodrome. They seek the history of one struggle to keep things intact for future generations.

The Mutineer’s Daughter by Chris Kennedy and Thomas A. Mays
How far would you go to get back to the family you love?

A Fiery Sunset by Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey
The Revelations are over, and the war to end all wars has begun. Whose side are YOU on?

Oryan’s Pact by V.R. Konner
A commander who’s wronged by his government is expected to prove his loyalty to them, but he has other plans.

Gods of the American Wild: The Dragon 2043 by Ryan Watterson
A shadowy council is trying to start a civil war and it’s up to five young superheroes to stop it. At the heart of it all is the mysterious dragon…

Life (Elektra’s Revenge, Book 1)  by Ann Sterzinger
Thousands of years in the future, we’ve eliminated racism… and replaced it with something worse! The first book in Sterzinger’s sci-fi saga, Elektra’s Revenge follows the universe’s angriest waitress as she plots revenge on what’s left of the human race.

Black Holiday (The Black Chronicles Book 2) by J. M. Anjewierden
Morgan is exhausted and haunted by the pirate attack on her starship that nearly killed her. Taking some time off to visit her friend Emily, Baroness Novan, she is caught up in an assassination plot that is just the prelude to interstellar war…
Black Holiday is the sequel to The Long Black.

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