CLFA Book of the Year 2018 winner issues statement

Jon Del Arroz, (“The Leading Hispanic Voice in Science Fiction™”), has posted his reaction to winning this year’s CLFA Book of the Year contest. We at CLFA are touched by his extreme humility and courage, and we encourage you to visit his site and read the whole thing.

And P.S. Thanks to Jon for his very kind words about the CLFA:

The CLFA exists because the culture in publishing, most specifically in science fiction and fantasy, has become so extreme that if you step off the reservation with any idea outside of extreme leftist ideology, you will have one or two things occur to your entire writing career: 1. you will be completely ignored and shunned 2. they will run a whisper campaign to destroy you. It happens every time, and this is a support network which is incredible. I don’t think I’d be able to keep going without them.

We wish Jon and all our winners many more years of great writing and every publishing success!

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