The latest in “deplatforming” news

maxresdefault-e1526333167997-1Sci-fi author Jon Del Arroz—no stranger to the “deplatforming” rage on the Left himself—has been tirelessly chronicling the bigoted ban-fest by the star-bellied sneetches of the SJW-dominated SFF industries. The latest volley includes Antarctic Press dropping the upcoming publication of a wildly popular comic book, Jawbreakers: Lost Souls, and the dis-invitation of monster hit-writer Larry Correia from the Origins Game Fair.

In both cases, the production company in question was menaced by an SJW mob into reneging on previous agreements with creatives whom the Left has targeted. The victims in these cases are talented, popular, and immensely successful: in other words, exactly who you’d expect would be promoted by any red-blooded pop culture enterprise. Their only sin was that of disagreeing with SJW dogma. But today, that is the only unforgivable sin one can commit.

CLFA looks forward to the day when this unrelenting bigotry and cultural fascism is laid to rest, and we never again have to read between the lines to see, “Conservatives need not apply.”

Demand Viewpoint Diversity Officers now!

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