Noah Ward takes 2018 Nobel prize for literature

If you thought Nobel awards couldn’t get any sillier since the 2009 Peace prize, think again. The twin Progressive virtues of licentiousness and feminism have conspired to bring down yet another once-revered Western cultural institution:

Riven by infighting and resignations following allegations of sexual misconduct, financial malpractice and repeated leaks, the Swedish Academy has said no Nobel prize for literature will be awarded this year.

For the first time since 1949, the secretive jury that hands out the world’s most prestigious literary prize will not unveil a winner this autumn, instead revealing two laureates in 2019, it announced on Friday.

“The present decision was arrived at in view of the currently diminished academy and the reduced public confidence in the academy,” the body, founded by King Gustav III in 1786 and still under royal patronage, said in a statement.

Even though we run a fiction-focused website here at CLFA, we cannot recall the last time we were actually tempted to read a Nobel lit prize winner. Still, part of us is saddened by the fall of yet another institution that was once allegedly great. (The part of us that isn’t snarfing our Scotch, that is.)

To repurpose the old anti-drug campaign, Social Justice: not even once.

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