With sirens wailing in the distance, the May Booknado tears across a darkened landscape. Unstoppable winds of improvement rip tired, old establishment fiction from the minds of readers, and fresh, new fiction rushes in to fill the void!

Don’t waste your precious leisure time reading crappy PC pap from Big Publishing. Titillate your brain with choice selections from this month’s vast array of new books and special discounts!


The Narrative by Deplora Boule
Read the shocking satirical look inside the elite media and the battle to control the truth!

Becoming Mia by Wendy Teller
Can Mia find the determination and strength to succeed on her own terms, even as 1960s culture tears itself apart and puts her friends and her family in danger?

I, Charles, from the Camps: A Novel by Joel D. Hirst
In this powerful story, a young Ugandan on a quest to survive his unfortunate circumstances grudgingly becomes a rebel who learns that it is only he who controls the demons living within his soul.

Reagan Country: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel by Ray Keating
Could President Reagan’s influence reach into the former “evil empire”? Conflict stretches from the Reagan Presidential Library to the White House to a Russian Orthodox monastery to the Kremlin. Former SEAL and CIA operative Stephen Grant, now the pastor at St. Mary’s Lutheran Church on Long Island, stands at the center of the tumult.

The Silver Shores (The Amulet Saga Book 3) by Avily Jerome
Kidnapped and sold at auction, Reith finds himself the property of a powerful and enigmatic sorceress on the other side of the ocean. The woman he loves will stop at nothing to find him, but by the time she does, it may be too late to save him.

The Ghost Mine by Ben Wolf
When people begin dying at the newly reopened energy mine on the planet Ketarus-4, it’s up to Justin Barclay to figure out what’s going on. But he may find that some secrets are better left buried.

Whistleblowers (Kate Adams Series Book 2) by Holly A. Bell
Espionage with a dystopian twist. What if the leaked government secrets aren’t even true?

Psychic Spiral (of Death) (The SDF Paranormal Mysteries Book 5) by Amie Gibbons
When fate spirals out of control in Alabama, it’s up to psychic Ariana Ryder to figure out why and stop it… and it’s already claimed one innocent life.

Valor’s Duty (Children of Valor Book 3) by Kal Spriggs
The cybernetic implants given to Jiden and her friends come with a terrible price.

Come Find Me by Mike Arsuaga
Weena survives Morlocks and the forest fire to tell her story. A sequel to HG Wells’ classic The Time Machine.

I Tumble Through the Diamond Dust by Edward Willett
Twenty-one poems… and twenty-one worlds: worlds in the farthest reaches of space, worlds steeped in myth and legend, worlds that never were, and worlds that yet could be. By award-winning author Edward Willett, illustrated by Alberta artist Wendi Nordell.

Texas Rangers (Division One Book 6) by Stephanie Osborn
Alpha One is taking a vacation! The pair travels to The Ranch, a Texas field station to relax, ride horseback, picnic, and generally have fun…
…Until they discover a team of alien assassins headed to Dallas, to take out the President of the United States on a campaign junket!

The Dragons of Dunkirk (Worlds at War Book 1) by Damon Alan
Two worlds are set to collide thanks to the German Reich and their occult research program. The Germans are rolling through France and the British are planning to evacuate from Dunkirk when a gate opens up over Rotterdam. Then everything changes.

The Chained Adept: A Lost Wizard’s Tale by Karen Myers
Penrys’s past is unknown, but she’s got a better grip on her future: find out where she came from, discover what happened to her, and figure out how the unremovable chain around her neck makes her different from other wizards.


Honor at Stake (Love at First Bite Book 1) by Declan Finn
One is a heartless, bloodthirsty killer. The other is a vampire.
A 2016 Dragon Award nominee for Best Horror Novel.


*for the dates of May 24 and 25, 2018, as reported to us by the book promoter. Always confirm actual price before purchasing.

  99¢ (reg. $2.99)
Fade (Paxton Locke Book 1) by Daniel Humphreys
Family drama is bad enough without adding magic and human sacrifice. In a battle for his very soul, will Paxton be able to endure – or simply fade away?
  FREE (reg. 99¢)
The Last Stop by Matthew Hanover
A paranormal short thriller that will make you think twice before taking a late night ride on the subway. Readers compare The Last Stop to an episode of The Twilight Zone.

  99¢ (reg. $2.99)
Homesick (Through The Fold Book 1) by Paul J. Joseph
A futuristic depiction of the ultimate totalitarian regime on an alien planet and a daring rescue mission to recover a farm boy from Nebraska. This sci-fi action thriller explores ways VR technology could be horribly missued, and how fragile our most basic rights might become as a result.

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