September Booknado!

Once again, we bring you our monthly round up of exciting new releases as well as special promotional Kindle discounts! Why give your precious reading time and money to turgid left-wing Big Publishing companies who hate you? Support freedom-loving authors and shop our list!


  99¢ until Sept. 21*
Relic of His Heart by Jane Lebak
At the end of World War II, American soldiers stole a relic from an Italian church. 70 years later, the church’s guardian angel teams up with a Massachusetts midwife to get it back. If they return the relic, the town will rebuild the church; with the church rebuilt, the town will survive. The problem? The midwife wants nothing to do with this quest.

OUTCAST Ops: Shadow Gov by Rich Chessler and Craig Reed, Jr.
When a ruthless and ambitious government official puts a plan in motion to topple the sitting president, the OUTCAST team finds themselves fighting not a foreign threat, but one from inside the US government itself.

  99¢ on Sept. 20 & 21 (reg. $5.99)*
The Unknown Soldier: a Joaquin Serrano Novel
Tom Clancy meets Stephen Frey

Crystal Queen (Riland Throne Book 2) by John M. Olsen
A princess is promised in marriage to free her captured father. The king she is to marry goes looking when she’s late arriving. Two kingdoms are at stake.

Across Unstill Waters: The Stephenson House Chronicles: Book One by D.L. Andersen
Game of Thrones meets Last of the Mohicans! “This is great in the way historical fiction can be, with a sense that the times have changed but the human motivations that propel this tale of duplicity and greed are all too familiar in the present” ~ Amazon review

Salvage Title (The Salvage Title Trilogy Book 1) by Kevin Steverson
Harmon Tomeral couldn’t afford a ship, much less the cost of registering one, but where there’s a will…there’s a loophole. Fleet didn’t want him, now they need him…

Cooking Hot (The Directorate Book 10) by Pam Uphoff
A trans-dimensional cooking contest gets a bit out of control.

$1.99 OR LESS*

*for the dates of September 20 and 21, 2018, as reported to us by the author. Always check the actual price before buying.
 99¢ (reg. $4.99)
A Rambling Wreck: Book 2 of The Hidden Truth by Hans G. Schantz
There’s no partial credit on a question of life and death!

  99¢ & $1.99 (regularly $2.99)
Johnny Rockett Series Books, k.R. McClellan
Pictured above: Johnny Rockett and the Beautiful Six: Book One in the Misadventures of Johnny Rockett
Johnny Rockett is like Han Solo, but with a much better looking and much less hairy sidekick.

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