CLFA Moves Discussion from Facebook to MeWe

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 7.55.20 AMAs of October 15, 2018, all CLFA networking and discussion has taken place in our selective group on MeWe. CLFA founders have long been decrying social media censorship and considering emigrating from Facebook in light of the social media giant’s increasingly biased curation of speech its users are permitted to use. With the coordinated termination of Alex Jones’ speech platforms by Big Tech chiefs who “know what’s best for all of us*,” our decision to make the move crystallized into action.

We reached out to MeWe with our concerns about whether our speech would be better protected on their platform. Founder and CEO Mark Weinstein was kind enough to reply to our inquiry personally. He assured us:

I am a registered Libertarian and like you, believe in and support the tenets of our republic/democracy. The current climate of intolerance is bizarre and un-American. Social media companies should not be in the business of deciding whether law-abiding citizens are right or wrong in their political beliefs and statements.

(reprinted with permission).

flounceThis was music to our ears, and we encouraged our membership to migrate with us soon afterwards. While many of our active members decided to stay behind and form a new Facebook group, twice as many moved to MeWe with us. We expect more of them to join us over the next six months or so, as Facebook becomes even less friendly to wrongthinkers. We are also adding members who long ago rejected the 800-pound gorilla and joined MeWe as well as refugees from recently terminated Google+.

If you would like to join our social network for freedom-oriented writers, readers, editors, publishers, artists, and other creatives, please visit our group on MeWe, ask to join, and answer the screening questions. See you there!

*No, you don’t need to be a fan of Alex Jones to know that what happened to him is wrong. If a society isn’t protecting the most unpopular speech, then it isn’t protecting free speech.

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. …

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