CLFA Book Sale! Get ready for LibertyCon 2019!

CLFA authors are pleased to support LibertyCon 2019 with a nifty little book sale. Some of the below authors even plan to attend the con, so what better time to catch up on their work? Check out the popular titles listed below and click through to get a great deal. Authors’ sale dates may vary; always confirm the price before you buy! 

A Rambling Wreck: Book 2 of The Hidden Truth by Hans G. Schantz
The battle for the future rages right at Georgia Tech. Peter’s final exam has one question: Can a Rambling Wreck stop the Deep State Cabal? And a failing grade will be his last.
Ebook sale price: 99¢ / Regular price $4.99  On sale 6/18-6/21.

Sword’s Edge (Sword’s Edge Chronicles Book 1) by L.S. King
Recruited as a spy, can a young lass’s love of her family and loyalty to her kin give her the strength to succeed in uncovering the traitors? If she fails, not only will her family die, but their world will be thrown into chaos.
Ebook sale price: $2.99 / Regular Price: $5.99. On sale through August 31.

For Steam and Country: Book One of the Adventures of Baron Von Monocle
by Jon Del Arroz
Swashbuckling steampunk fantasy like you’ve never read before!
Ebook sale price: $0.99 / Regular Price $4.99  On sale through Libertycon 6/28–7/3.

Hell and Gone (The Retreads Book 1) by Henry Brown

As the first troops are being deployed to Afghanistan following 9/11, the CIA assembles an expendable team of former operators to preempt an even more catastrophic terrorist attack. Caught between North African warlords, a genocidal government, and with Mossad wild cards in play, these American contractors probably won’t survive, even in the unlikely event that their mission succeeds.
Ebook sale price: $2.99 / Regular price: 4.97 (The rest of the series is on sale, too!)

Alpha and Omega (Division One Book 1) by Stephanie Osborn.
When Agent Echo brings recruit Omega into Division One’s special forces unit, Alpha Line, it’s mayhem! The adventure starts here!
Ebook sale price: $2.99 / Regular price: $4.99
NOTE: trade paperbacks of the entire series to date will be available at LibertyCon!

Chasing Freedom by Marina Fontaine
Geeks and outcasts vs. the government in near-future dystopian U.S.
Paperback sale price: $8.99 / Regular price: $11.99. On sale through 7/4.
Ebook sale price: $1.99 / Regular price: $2.99. On sale through 7/4.

The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin (Books of Unexpected Enlightenment Book 1) by L. Jagi Lamplighter
Curiosity killed the cat, but nothing stops Rachel Griffin
FREE E-book through 7/4.

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