September Booknado!

Once again, we bring you our monthly round up of exciting new releases as well as special promotional Kindle discounts! Why give your precious reading time and money to turgid left-wing Big Publishing companies who hate you? Support freedom-loving authors and shop our list! NEW RELEASES   99¢ until Sept. 21* Relic of His Heart by … More September Booknado!

Dragon Con 2018: The afterglow lives on

CLFA salutes Dragon Con staff and volunteers for another marvelous celebration of science fiction and fantasy that we as fans and creators have come to know and love. We were gratified to note that, unlike several high-profile cons who over the last few years struggled to maintain their original spirit, DragonCon remains a place run … More Dragon Con 2018: The afterglow lives on

Booknado, special Dragon Con edition!

CLFA LOVES DRAGON CON! Enjoy this special edition Booknado, which features special Dragon Con promotion titles along with our usual fresh, new releases and promotional discounts. Best of all—all this great fiction is certified written by people who aren’t suffering from SJW disorder! NEW RELEASES Outlands Justice (A Crucible of Worlds Book 1) by C.J. Carella … More Booknado, special Dragon Con edition!

July Booknado!

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing fresh new fiction in my mi-i-ind… No summer slump here! CLFA authors have been working hard to turn out great reads for people who are fed up with the leftist gruel Big Publishing keeps ladling out.  So fire up the Kindle and load up some of these great … More July Booknado!

PhoenixCrate launches subscription box service for fans of positive, clean fantasy

Fantasy fic fans of all ages who like their stories on the positive side have a new reason to rejoice. Indeed, parents of tweens and teens haven’t had this much to celebrate since Taylor Swift released her wholesome, uber-romantic video for her monster hit, “Love Story.” Starting in September, PhoenixCrate subscribers will receive quarterly, charmingly … More PhoenixCrate launches subscription box service for fans of positive, clean fantasy

Liberty Island Publishing relaunches website, announces new catalog

CLFA’s brothers and sisters over at freedom-loving publisher Liberty Island have good news to enhance your Independence Day celebrations: a shiny new website and a stack of new books!  Since there’s no point in trying to out-word those guys, we will simply point you to their press release so you can read all about it … More Liberty Island Publishing relaunches website, announces new catalog

CLFA Stands Against Big Tech De-Platforming and Censorship

Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance (CLFA for short) was created to promote a freedom-friendly cultural environment. A cornerstone of our philosophy has always been strong support for free speech in all its forms. Whatever our differences as American patriots, we can all agree that a healthy, dynamic society cannot exist without allowing for dissenting voices to be … More CLFA Stands Against Big Tech De-Platforming and Censorship

Celebration of Masculinity-Themed Anthology Released

Contributor Marina Fontaine tells the story and announces the release of what sounds like a badly needed collection of short works: … If the concept of celebrating masculinity appeals to you, or if you are simply looking for something exciting and fresh to read, give this new offering from Superversive Press a try. … Stories about men as … More Celebration of Masculinity-Themed Anthology Released


With sirens wailing in the distance, the May Booknado tears across a darkened landscape. Unstoppable winds of improvement rip tired, old establishment fiction from the minds of readers, and fresh, new fiction rushes in to fill the void! Don’t waste your precious leisure time reading crappy PC pap from Big Publishing. Titillate your brain with … More Booknado!